April 6, 2014
No surprise. The world is generating big data faster than ever . It’s estimated that most mid-large size companies will double their volume of data and information annually. The big data revolution is a quiet one; it has been going on for years. Today, businesses across all industries and sectors...Read more
March 30, 2014
As part of our first quarter Legal Analytics activities, we’ve been analyzing invoice data for 2013 and the early part of 2014. While there were some expected trends, I’ve been genuinely startled by some of what we’ve learned. Our data shows that demand for legal services, as measured by billed...Read more
March 23, 2014
With the Web celebrating its 25th birthday, there have been many predictions about the future of technology and its impact on legal services. The Pew Research Center recently published a fascinating report called Digital Life in 2025 with predictions from experts and technology builders across...Read more
March 16, 2014
Law firms, it seems, are locked in an eternal quandary. On the one hand, they worry about the risk of spending too much time and money on technology whose real world benefits they are unsure of. And on the other hand, there is a risk that adopting technology too slowly will make it more difficult...Read more
March 9, 2014
While the term “big data” is not quite as ubiquitous as “selfie” (or maybe even James Franco , for that matter), it gets used quite heavily as companies struggle to come to terms with their exploding volumes of data. How can they manage it all, let alone reap the insights hidden within the data?...Read more
March 2, 2014
It is commonly accepted that the speed of business has increased dramatically in the last ten years. What is less often discussed is the increased speed of decision making. Still less often considered is the speed of decision making in the legal business. More and more companies are managing to...Read more
February 23, 2014
We often hear that it’s the journey that matters, not the destination. That can be just as true in law as in other areas. Surely case outcomes matter, but clients today want more than a positive result. If outside counsel’s work is not transparent and predictable, then clients are likely to look...Read more
February 20, 2014
Recently at LegalTech New York, I had the opportunity to attend the plenary session called “Disrupt” for Lawyers. This keynote address was by Professor Luke Williams, a leading speaker, educator and consultant on innovation strategy. He discussed that in a business world of non-stop change, there’s...Read more
February 10, 2014
As we think about the future of enterprise legal management, we look to our clients and their ever-maturing needs to determine what we can do next to support their business. Today, we can see three key trends that are driving clients as we begin 2014: Running the law department like a business: The...Read more