TyMetrix 360° - the leading SaaS-based ELM software solutionSaaS-based e-Billing and Matter Management solution that is easy to use, simple to learn, and ready-built for the way you work.
TyMetrix® 360° is a SaaS-based e-Billing and Matter Management solution that enables organizations to streamline virtually every dimension of managing legal matters and costs on a ready-built, highly configurable, and secure technology framework.
Our company pioneered legal e-billing decades ago and since then, we have continually enriched and enhanced our legal matter and e-billing software to meet our clients' ever-increasing technology needs. And, as a SaaS solution, TyMetrix 360° offers corporate legal and insurance claims departments the added benefits of ease of installation and maintenance. Using TyMetrix 360°, companies:

  • Automate and streamline business processes to drive efficiencies and improve staff productivity
  • Enhance collaboration between in-house counsel and external service providers
  • Leverage data and business intelligence to manage matters more strategically
  • Improve the transparency and the predictability of legal spend, resource usage, and budgets
  • Make smarter and more informed decisions regarding staffing and counsel selection
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their legal and claims systems

TyMetrix 360° offers a combined e-Billing and Legal Matter Management solution, which enables end-to-end management of outside counsel e-billing, as well as visibility into and in-depth analysis of matter costs and legal spend and provides the ability to track all matter-related information, documents, and deadlines in one place and gain a comprehensive view of legal risk across a matter portfolio.

TyMetrix 360° Modules:
A variety of optional TyMetrix 360° modules are offered, which allow clients to augment the core features of their TyMetrix 360° system with a rich set of enhanced capabilities for managing matters and cases. By adding these modules on to TyMetrix 360°, clients are able to tailor their solutions to meet their current business needs, or easily add on new capabilities as their needs and strategic objectives evolve.

TyMetrix 360° offers a wide range of essential functionality, ready-built best-practice workflows and a menu of client configurable features for e-Billing and Matter Management. The solution’s screens, fields, rules, workflows, reporting, security model, and more can all be configured to support each client’s business needs and processes. The result is a solution that offers the right level of turnkey features plus the added flexibility to easily make modifications on-the-fly while reducing reliance on IT support.

Business Intelligence and Reporting:
The TyMetrix 360° solution offers powerful analysis and reporting tools that enable clients to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and demonstrate department value with confidence. Dynamic reporting capabilities deliver meaningful reports on multiple dimensions that help clients to track, manage, and control the vital details of their legal department, as well as quickly get the answers that they need to improve decision making and optimize performance.


Business Benefits

Simplify how work gets done.

  • Screens, fields, rules, workflows, reporting, security model, and more can all be configured to support each client’s business needs and processes
  • Role-based configuration delivers the most relevant information, tasks, reminders, and reports to each team member and defines appropriate levels of access based on each user’s responsibilities
  • Business process management tools automate and streamline both simple and complex processes so legal staff spend less time on manual tasks
  • Conveniently manage key matters directly through Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Quickly and securely review and approve invoices anywhere using the TyMetrix 360° mobile app

Improve decision making with clear visibility and insight into legal spend.

  • Drill-down reporting capabilities and a powerful, flexible, and secure interface for building reports and analyzing data
  • Pre-configured report templates allow users to easily run new, recurring, scheduled, and event-driven reports
  • Role-based reports provide summary views of key performance indicators (KPIs) and make it easy to identify trends and potential risks

Strengthen internal and external collaboration.

  • Securely collaborate with outside counsel and other legal service providers on matters, budgets, timekeepers, diaries, notes, calendars, and documents
  • Easily share knowledge and track all information associated with a large matter portfolio in a secure and consolidated place

Evolve the system as business needs change.

  • Administrator controls facilitate configuration changes in support of local business needs, requirements, and regulations
  • TyMetrix 360° modules enable clients to cost-effectively expand their system’s capabilities to meet specific or emerging business needs
  • Multi-currency support for 85 currencies, credit note handling, and other VAT compliance support features enable global e-billing in compliance with local tax requirements, and enables the display each user’s preferred currency and date/time format

IT Benefits

Reduce system support costs and drive down the TCO of legal and claims systems.

  • Flexible, self-serve administration capabilities provide configuration options for staff and reduce reliance on internal IT support
  • SaaS deployment enables quick access to new releases and upgrades in real-time, without installing new software
  • TyMetrix 360° implementation, maintenance, hosting, and security are all managed by our company, which reduces reliance on client-side IT effort, supports business continuity, and lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the solution
  • Flexibility to host TyMetrix 360° in either a North American or European-based location in order to meet each company’s global data requirements

Enjoy the confidence and reliability of highly-secure data and information management.

  • Highly-secure operations and audit controls (SSAE 16) are in place to ensure that data is protected and that the solution meets each client’s data security requirements
  • All client data is encrypted while in-transit or at-rest, which maintains the security and privacy of each client’s data
  • Annual SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 audits of both ELM Solutions and our hosting provider

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