LegalVIEW® Facts

Over $55B in annoymous data generated form actual billed invoices, not surveys 

Growing daily from over:
>486M+ hours of legal services
>155K+ activities captured
>20K+ law firms and vendors
>356K+ individual billers and time keepers

Deep accessible data for custom benchmarking and analysis

TyMetrix Legal Analytics

Become a LegalVIEW® Data Contributor

The TyMetrix Legal Analytics Data Contributor Program is for firms/organizations that contribute anonymous billing and matter data to LegalVIEW. There is no cost to contribute data and, in return, contributors receive special access and discounts to Legal Analytics products and services including a complimentary copy of the 2014 Real Rate Report®.


Data Remains Anonymous

To date, Contributor Program participants have anonymously donated over $55 billion dollars of actual invoice data. The most significant aspect is all data is—and remains—anonymous. Prior to loading data, all timekeepers, matters, law firm, and company names are scrubbed to ensure anonymity. This process has been reviewed and certified by an industry expert validating that no sensitive information can be tied back to its original source.

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