September 1, 2020
Corporate legal departments (CLDs) are under pressure. For years, senior leadership has expected CLDs to act as true business partners and enact strategies to do more with less, mitigate risk, and improve performance while controlling costs in the same ratios as other corporate departments. In...Read more
August 28, 2020
For many people, change can be scary, but when facing change, it is important to keep in mind that humans are pretty good at adapting. Change is, in fact, commonplace, in both our personal and professional lives. Many examples in history show us that humans often weather change just fine and can...Read more
August 25, 2020
Claims adjusters face a combination of challenges that can make their already demanding work more difficult to execute. While doing their best to manage claims and serve clients, most find themselves juggling large caseloads and under pressure to make constant decisions about each and every case...Read more
August 24, 2020
The latest installment in the Legal Ops ACCELERATE webinar series from ELM Solutions, a CLM Matrix customer panel called End-To-End Contract Lifecycle Management Transformations , provided the chance to hear directly from customers on the front lines of contract management about the benefits their...Read more
August 18, 2020 by Raj Sethuraman
This item was originally published by Forbes , where Raj Sethuraman is a member of the Forbes Technology Council . Organizations have always had to evolve and adapt, but now they must do so at a faster clip than ever. The rate of change happening today is significantly greater than it was two...Read more
August 17, 2020 by Nathan Cemenska
This article was originally published in Legaltech News . The current pandemic is forcing many corporate legal departments (CLDs) to tighten their purse strings, but there’s a silver lining: The opportunity to give sourcing decisions a second look. Insourcing was already a trend; in-house legal...Read more
August 4, 2020
Coming up on August 6 th , you can join Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions for an illuminating conversation about contract lifecycle management (CLM) from the professionals who are using it now to the benefit of their organizations. Part of the Legal Ops ACCELERATE webinar series, this customer panel...Read more
July 13, 2020
Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions recently hosted an enlightening panel discussion on vendor management – and law firm convergence in particular – as part of our Legal Ops ACCELERATE webinar series. We were joined by Karen Helten, Outside Counsel Senior Manager at Salesforce, Don Knight, Director of...Read more
July 1, 2020 by Nathan Cemenska
COVID-19 has thrown our economy into disarray, and the legal sector is no exception. Corporate law departments (CLDs) in many sectors are reeling under pressure from above to cut expenses and, while reopening offers hope for relief, that hope is fragile. At the same time, law firms are struggling,...Read more