The informative Legal Ops ACCELERATE webinar series from Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions will continue on June 16th with a session on how claims organizations can benefit from using predictive analytics technology in litigation management. 

Empower Your Claims Professionals with Predictive Analytics will feature insights on how claims teams can turn the large amount of litigation data they possess into actionable information that can help them make the best decisions for their cases. Find out how to forecast how much a case is likely to cost, how long it will last, and what outcomes to expect. 

This webinar will cover how claims organizations can start using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to improve their litigation management programs, including the use of data models that turn key performance indicators and historical data into information that claims professionals can confidently act on when selecting firms. The session will explore how predictive analytics impacts budgets, cycle times, and outcomes. 

Register to attend Empower Your Claims Professionals with Predictive Analytics and check out our Legal Ops ACCELERATE page to learn about other upcoming webinars, as well as recordings and other resources that are available for download.