Legal Ops ACCELERATE, the online learning series from Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions, continues on May 7th with a discussion of Total Spend Management, co-presented with Above the Law and featuring legal professionals who have firsthand experience increasing the value they deliver. 

As pressure to better manage costs increases on corporate legal and insurance claims departments, spend management is evolving to help professionals meet their business goals. Leading companies have adopted new services and technologies in support of their efforts to drastically improve the outcomes and performance of their spend management programs. This session will feature leaders from two of those companies, Chubb and Dell, who will share their experience with ELM Solutions’ award-winning Total Spend Management approach, and help you understand how you can leverage these new tools to improve your department’s operations. 

Total Spend Management helps by moving beyond the foundation of an e-billing platform and incorporating innovative ways to increase efficiency, improve compliance with your billing guidelines, and increase savings on the high-quality legal service you expect of your law firms. By leveraging the power of data – both your own internal data and benchmark data from external sources – Total Spend Management can also enhance your department’s decision-making and help you plan more confidently to achieve the best outcomes for your matters and claims. 

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