On July 1st, Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions will present an in-depth discussion on vendor management as part of the Legal Ops ACCELERATE webinar series. Advanced Topics for Vendor Management will feature experienced leaders from law firms, corporate legal, and insurance claims departments who will share their expertise on the challenges of managing vendors and how best to overcome them. 

We know from a recent survey that many legal departments are currently establishing or re-evaluating their preferred law firm panels. Many are increasing their use of AFAs, improving rate management, and using stronger legal project management and budget discipline. 

In this session, seasoned experts on firm management will share their insights on these strategies and talk about how to continuously improve your department’s approach to this critical discipline. Learn about scorecarding, managing work distribution, and working with firms to improve service delivery. 

Register to attend Advanced Topics for Vendor Management and check out our Legal Ops ACCELERATE page for previous webinar recordings and other resources available for download.