Coming up on August 6th, you can join Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions for an illuminating conversation about contract lifecycle management (CLM) from the professionals who are using it now to the benefit of their organizations. Part of the Legal Ops ACCELERATE webinar series, this customer panel entitled End-To-End Contract Lifecycle Management Transformations will feature first-hand accounts of how companies are transforming their legal operations by putting CLM technology to work. 

Inefficient contract management can have a ripple effect that creates unnecessary challenges throughout an organization. Departments without a reliable CLM solution can run less efficiently while facing additional risk. These issues may even lead to reduced profits. With a CLM solution in place, however, an organization can implement best practices, achieve greater productivity, and gain visibility into the status of any contract. 

This discussion will provide an inside look at how two organizations transformed their contract management processes, from authoring through to negotiation, execution, and obligation management. Learn from the speakers’ direct experience to find out how your team can apply CLM technologies for improved business outcomes. Our panel members will also offer advice on considering how well a potential solution is prepared to meet your organization’s needs as they evolve over time. 

Register for the CLM Matrix Customer Panel: End-To-End Contract Lifecycle Management Transformations and check out our Legal Ops ACCELERATE page for recordings of previous webinars and other resources available for download.