March 23, 2020 by Nathan Cemenska
This is the third of a four-part series on hourly rates and benchmarking. Links to parts one and two are included below. Part four will continue on the future of hourly billing. Recently, I have written about why managing hourly rates is still important . I also pointed out that however much...Read more
March 17, 2020
Communication is the key to improving countless processes -- and litigation management, a highly important function within the property and casualty claims arena, is no exception. Last year, we sponsored the third-ever CLM Litigation Management Study , surveying 80 claims and litigation executives...Read more
March 10, 2020 by Raj Sethuraman
This item was originally published by Forbes , where Raj Sethuraman is a member of the Forbes Technology Council . There’s a good chance you’re reading this article on your smartphone -- maybe multitasking between a few different apps as you do so. Ten years ago, that wouldn’t have been possible...Read more
March 10, 2020 by Nathan Cemenska
This article was originally published in Legaltech News . Whether you want to think of it as comparing scorecards, scouting the competition, or simply using data to improve your own operations, benchmarking should be common practice in corporate legal departments. Take, for example, the 2019 Global...Read more
March 3, 2020 by Lee Matthews
Legalweek 2020 offered an opportunity to present to attendees about a topic I am passionate about: contract lifecycle management (CLM). I co-presented with Lauryn Haake, managing director in the Legal Technology practice within the Advisory business at HBR Consulting, who has a great deal of...Read more
February 27, 2020 by Nathan Cemenska
At Legal Week 2020, I had the privilege of moderating a panel with four legal operations superstars from leading organizations. On the panel were Mark Smolik (GC of DHL Americas), Preston McGowan (Chief Transformation Officer at Goldberg Segalla), Kevin Iredell (Chief Marketing Officer at...Read more
January 31, 2020 by Nathan Cemenska
This article was originally published by Legaltech News . In 2016, less than one-quarter of lawyers and only 2% of law firm partners were millennials. Fast forward a decade and that balance will flip, with 75% of the workplace falling into that category. On the one hand, such data points merely...Read more
January 27, 2020 by Brad Blickstein
Brad Blickstein is an expert on the legal industry and legal operations. He is principal at Blickstein Group and publisher of the Annual Law Department Operations Survey, which provides insights into the legal operations business. We talked to Brad about his recent induction as a fellow in the...Read more
January 22, 2020 by Nathan Cemenska
Much like software moves from 1.0 to 2.0, legal operations is getting upgraded. Are you ready for the next generation of legal ops? In this 2.0 version of how legal business is managed, we’ll see a powerful combination of technical speed and human acumen. A recent experiment challenged a group of...Read more