November 20, 2019
The ELM19 guest keynote speaker was artist Phil Hansen , who joined us to talk about how the limitations he has faced as an artist have been the very things that have sparked his creativity and helped him find new ways of approaching his work. While art is very different from legal and claims work...Read more
November 20, 2019
As corporate legal and claims departments look to improve efficiencies, the bill review process is likely one of the first places they’ll tackle. Because, while bill review is obviously essential, it also has a tendency to be time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient. It’s a cost-driver, not a...Read more
November 18, 2019 by Nathan Cemenska
This article was originally published in Legaltech News . ‘Defensibility’ is more than just e-discovery. Predictive analytics can take the guesswork out of crucial decisions—especially ones that impact the bottom line. E-discovery is a big part of litigation—due to both the sheer document volume as...Read more
November 14, 2019 by Jeffrey Solomon
This article was originally published in Corporate Counsel Business Journal . Key considerations in using predictive analytics as a tool to help you reach your departmental and organizational goals. In the September-October issue of CCBJ, my colleague Vince Venturella offered an introduction to...Read more
November 7, 2019
Nathan Cemenska , Director of Legal Operations and Industry Insights for ELM Solutions, hosted an informative ELM19 session on law firm scorecarding for corporate legal and insurance claims departments. Nate was joined by Heather McClow, Manager of Legal Operations at Lowe's Companies, Katie...Read more
November 6, 2019
Attendees to Vincent Venturella’s introductory session on Predictive Insights learned a lot about this exciting new technology, which was launched at the conference. Vince began by citing the example of a person needing to find a cardiologist in Manhattan. A search turns up results in every...Read more
November 6, 2019
Over the years since e-billing and spend management were first introduced, legal operations has evolved and matured. As legal and claims professionals have developed higher expectations, there have also been advancements in the technology available to help control legal spend. At ELM19, ELM...Read more
November 6, 2019
Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is an exciting but relatively new aspect of the corporate legal business. That’s why Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions made sure to include a session to help our conference attendees understand how contract lifecycle management technology could benefit them and what...Read more
November 5, 2019
Wolter Kluwer’s ELM Solutions team members Troy Stark, Alyza Tarmohamed, and Jeffrey Solomon were joined by Jennifer Carsley from International Paper to talk about how LegalVIEW ® BillAnalyzer helps improve bill review and law firm relationships. They also focused on the change management steps...Read more