The Passport® Data Warehouse empowers clients to improve business results and optimize report performance. This business intelligence solution brings together disparate sources of data, which enables Passport clients to gain new visibility and actionable insights into their management of matters and claims, risk and compliance, and cost. The Passport Data Warehouse also helps clients avoid user frustration and reporting fire drills with its support for high-speed data analysis and its ability to efficiently handle performance-intense calculations, mining of data, and multidimensional reporting and analytics.

Using the Passport Data Warehouse, legal, risk, compliance, and claims departments are able to consolidate and analyze an expanded range of data, while also reducing the cost and the complexity of reporting across disparate systems. The solution provides a centralized data repository and a single toolset for creating reports that bring together data from the client’s holistic Passport ecosystem, which can include Passport applications and modules and other enterprise systems, plus additional sources, such as industry or market data or other data warehouses. This provides enhanced decision support for clients while also simplifying reporting administration and support.

Powerful data consolitation

The Passport Data Warehouse comes packaged with the IBM® Cognos® Query and Report Studios, which provide access to a range of reporting and analytics capabilities, from quick ad hoc queries to the development of sophisticated custom reports with complex prompts and filters. Clients can also choose to add access to IBM Cognos Workspace and Workspace Advanced. These business intelligence offerings provide additional powerful tools to help clients analyze and share their Passport data, including the ability to easily assemble and customize dashboards, leverage user-friendly data visualizations, and perform highly sophisticated ad hoc queries – all designed to deliver actionable insights to Passport clients.









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