ELM Solutions understands that each client has unique business needs that will evolve over time. That’s why we empower our clients to easily tailor their Passport® solution to meet current and future needs. Not only does Passport provide industry-leading configurability and extensibility, but we also offer a library of application modules that can be selected to complement and enhance our Passport Legal Matter Management, Passport Legal Spend Management, or Passport Claims Defense applications.

Each application module comes out-of-the-box with best practices-based fields, templates, reports, or other tools that address a specific need or challenge that a client may face. Want to more effectively utilize alternative fee arrangements (AFAs)? Looking for tools to support a global e-billing rollout? Need to streamline third-party due diligence efforts? Whether confronting these types of challenges right now or sometime in the future, our library of Passport application modules provide each client with maximum flexibility to customize their solution and easily keep pace with changing business needs.

Passport Application Modules