Passport® Legal Spend Management, which includes e-billing for outside counsel, dramatically improves corporate counsel’s ability to manage and reduce costs. With its ability to capture detailed cost data from outside counsel, streamline business processes, and provide actionable analytics, Passport Legal Spend Management represents a critical part of a legal department’s strategy for the effective management of matters and risk. The solution empowers in-house legal departments to:

  • Automate and streamline cumbersome invoice audit and review processes
  • Collaborate and manage relationships with outside counsel more effectively
  • Gain deep visibility into legal costs
  • Make smarter decisions about how they source legal work
  • Improve the predictability of legal spend
  • Drive down legal expenses

Built on Passport, our patented technology platform, Passport Legal Spend Management is available as a standalone application or can be combined with Passport Legal Matter Management, which provides the ability to track all matter-related information, documents, and deadlines in one place and gain a comprehensive view of legal risk across a matter portfolio. All of these solutions are available for on-premise or dedicated hosted deployment, which offers each client the flexibility to select the option that best suits its company’s IT preferences and/or data security requirements.

Passport Legal Spend Management can also be used with our LegalVIEW® Analytics offerings to further enhance the legal department’s ability to benchmark its performance and evaluate outside counsel value. These offerings are powered by the LegalVIEW data warehouse, which is the world’s largest source of legal performance data. Using LegalVIEW analytics tools, legal departments are able to more accurately and effectively establish matter budgets, negotiate rates, and communicate departmental performance.              

Deliver significant cost savings and streamline the way attorneys and legal staff work.

  • Automated workflows streamline the tedious review of invoices and other financial data, which enables attorneys and legal staff to focus on the practice of law

  • Passport’s powerful rules engine automatically catches billing errors and enforces compliance with outside counsel guidelines, alternative fee arrangements, and negotiated discounts

  • E-billing eliminates the hassles and the overhead associated with paper invoices

  • Passport’s highly intuitive user interface and role-based views deliver the most relevant information, tasks, reminders, and reports to each team member

Gain visibility into legal spend and make more proactive and strategic sourcing decisions.

  • Advanced business intelligence capabilities empower actionable analytics and the in-depth measurement of legal spend across a matter portfolio

  • Reporting tools enable corporate counsel to conduct a detailed analysis of spend to evaluate their law firms and to identify opportunities for cost savings and improved value from outside counsel – e.g., bring work in-house, utilize AFAs, disaggregate matters to source work to multiple firms, etc.


  • LegalVIEW® analytics offerings, which are powered by the world’s largest repository of legal performance data, further enhance corporate counsel’s ability to understand legal cost drivers and to benchmark outside counsel performance and improve counsel selection

  • Scheduled and event-driven reports deliver timely and relevant data to each user

Improve collaboration with internal business partners and with outside counsel.

  • Visually-rich reports enable corporate counsel to more effectively communicate and set expectations internally with regard to how matters are managed and the budget is spent

  • The Passport Collaboration Module enables the legal department to collaborate with outside counsel on budgets, timekeeper rates, accruals, and more

  • The Passport Collaboration Portal provides a secure pipeline for the exchange of information with outside counsel –  this enables companies to easily collaborate with external partners, while also meeting highly stringent data security standards that may be driven by regulatory or IT requirements

Rely on a legal spend management solution that easily adapts to meet current and long-term business needs.

  • Passport’s industry-leading level of configurability ensures that screens, workflows, rules, and reports are able to support the unique needs of litigation and transactional practice areas, as well as individual business units, regions, etc.

  • Passport toolkits provide customers with powerful capabilities to administer, configure, and extend their Passport solutions to adapt to changing business needs

  • Passport's multi-currency capabilities and full support for compliance with the EU VAT Directive enable e-billing on a global scale in compliance with varied and complex tax and regulatory requirements

  • Localization features ensure Passport meets the needs of a global workforce and displays information in each user’s preferred currency and date/time format


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