Panel management is an essential practice for corporate legal and claims departments to ensure the right firm is assigned to each matter. Since departments often rely on a significant number of law firms to handle the matters and litigation caseloads, they are constantly looking for ways to not only control their legal spend, but strengthen their relationships with their preferred outside counsel.

The data and functionality available in the Passport® Panel Management Module gives legal operations professionals, panel managers and claims executives the ability to create and manage panels and associate matters to those panels for case assignment. The module, available for the Passport Legal Spend Management and Passport Claims Defense products, impacts day-to-day matter and case management activities by supplying professionals with point-of-decision data and processes to ensure the right firm is paired with the right matter at the right cost.

Key features of the Passport Panel Management Module include:

  • Robust and intuitive panel management capabilities – create and manage panel criteria and member law firms
  • Configurable panel attributes – Passport includes the default criteria of matter type, location, and/or practice area, and provides the ability for organizations to define their own panel attributes
  • Panel(s) associated to matters – panels can be assigned to matters that match the panel’s criteria, presenting professionals with a list of member firms to choose from for quick case assignment
  • Automated firm approval workflow for non-panel firms – assigning a non-panel firm to a matter initiates an approval workflow, routing the firm through an approval process before they can be assigned to a case
  • Timekeeper rate definition and billing rules enforcement – users are able to assign panel timekeeper rates by role and Passport automatically enforces panel billing guidelines during invoice review