Passport® Toolkits provide ELM Solutions clients and partners with powerful capabilities to administer, configure, and extend Passport solutions. These toolkits give our clients and global partner network the ability to tailor Passport solutions to meet precise client requirements. Our clients and partners are also able to build new solutions on Passport to support the emerging needs of corporate legal, risk, compliance, and claims departments.

ELM Solutions clients use Passport Toolkits to:

  • Configure and extend their Passport solutions to meet their unique and changing business needs
  • More efficiently administer and support their suite of legal and/or claims systems
  • Manage many types of system customization and system maintenance projects in-house, which helps to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their solutions

ELM Solutions partners use Passport Toolkits to:

  • Configure and extend Passport to support an ELM Solutions client’s implementation project
  • Develop new applications or modules on the platform that complement our Passport solutions
  • Build connectors that seamlessly integrate other best-in-class solutions with Passport, which helps to meet the specific integration needs of our clients


Passport® Product Collateral