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  • ELM Solutions is a business of Wolters Kluwer, a market-leading global information services company
  • We have 14 offices across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific
  • Each year, over $130 billion dollars’ worth of invoices are processed through our e-billing network
  • Our LegalVIEW® data warehouse is the world’s largest repository of legal performance data

Did you know?

  • 130+ of our clients are Fortune® /Fortune Global 500 companies
  • 100% of Am Law 200 and Am Law Global 100 firms are ELM Solutions customers
  • ELM Solutions has customers in 190+ countries

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ELM Solutions:

  • Has completed 700+ software implementations worldwide
  • Is a member of the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)
  • Is Safe Harbor certified



TyMetrix® 360°
SaaS-based e-billing and matter management solution



Simplify your legal billing and streamline managing matters

TyMetrix® 360° lets you manage everything from matters and invoices to budgets and rates - all in one ready-built, easy to use, and simple to learn solution. 

With TyMetrix 360°, you can:

  • Streamline the management of legal matters to improve staff efficiencies.
  • Strengthen collaboration with outside counsel to improve matter outcomes and better control costs.
  • Improve decision-making with easy to run reports that provide real-time visibility into legal spend and other performance metrics.
  • Reduce system support costs and drive down total cost of ownership.

Assign the right case to the right firm at the right cost

Get actionable information right at your fingertips. The LegalVIEW Predictive Insights Module ranks the best law firms for litigated matters using predictive budget and cycle time data mixed with client-weighted criteria through the power of AI, all from within the firm selection workflow. 

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Work where you want to work - directly in Microsoft Office

Smart Assist for TyMetrix 360° lets you review, accept, reject, or adjust legal invoices from your Outlook inbox on your desktop or mobile device. You can work how you want, where you want, when you want. 


Invest in an automated e-billing and matter management solution

Global e-billing
Global e-billing
Powerful invoice testing rules automatically catch billing errors and enforce compliance with billing guidelines. Multi-currency support for over 180 currencies, credit note handling, and other VAT compliance features.

Advanced reporting
More than 30 standard reports give you instant insight into your legal spend and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

Manage matters and invoices in Outlook
Manage matters and invoices in Microsoft® Outlook
Conveniently manage key matters and streamline invoice workflows directly through Microsoft® Outlook.

Highly configurable
Highly configurable
Flexible administration tools provide the capability to fine-tune, administer, and configure your solution to meet your precise requirements.

Secure collaboration
Secure collaboration
Manage invoices, budgets, timekeeper rates, diaries, notes, calendars, and documents with outside counsel, securely and efficiently.

Manage AFAs
Alternative fee arrangements (AFAs)
Manage and enforce AFAs efficiently with nine out-of-the-box templates.

Easy matter management
Simplify matter management
Easy to use, step-by-step wizards streamline matter creation and invoice review.

Personalized homepage
Matter Dossier and Matter Diary timeline
Personalized homepage helps track events, notes, and emails with timeline features and manage all matter-related information, such as invoices, budgets, and documents.

Highly secure
Highly secure operations to ensure your data is protected. Annual SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 audits, ISO 27001:2013 certification for information security management, and other modern data security measures.

What savings could you see?



ELM Solutions


Here are your results

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Matter and Spend Management Savings Calculator. A copy of your results is below. If you need to revisit in future with different input values, go to wkelmsolutions.com/savings-calculator.

Input values

Select currency for calculation:

Number of resources who will access the system regularly?

Number of legal invoices received annually?

Annual legal fees and expenses?


Potential Savings

Invoice Processing 1 iThe value of the time saved with mail handling and administration, invoice review and payment processing. The saving per invoice may range between $4 - $8.

$0 0$
$0 1$

Billing Guideline Enforcement 2 iThree areas of savings are included; automated invoice adjustments applied by the system, reviewer adjustments supported by rules in the system, and law firm self-auditing as a result of adjustment feedback. Savings will range between 2% and 6%, though subsequent years will reduce.

$0 0$
$0 1$

Centralized Data and Information 3 iTime saved in a legal professional's day due to integrated use of systems; information is more easily found, managed, reported on, and shared among colleagues. The range of time saved per day will range from 15 to 45 minutes per resource per day.

$0 0$
$0 1$

Business Intelligence and Analytics 4 iCost savings that can be achieved by using matter and spend information and insights captured by the system to implement specific strategies driven by analytics. Savings between 2% - 6.5% are achievable in year one.

$0 0$
$0 1$

Total Potential Savings iThe lower and upper range of the savings which could be achieved based on the provided data.

$0 0$
$0 1$

  • Large pharmaceutical company

    "In the future, the metrics and analytics that we're looking at are going to determine what firms are doing for us and trying to make things more efficient. The TyMetrix 360° system allows us to do that. We're looking further and deeper into the numbers today than we did in the past as time allows so that we can provide those efficiencies and cost savings onto the rest of the corporation." - System Administrator
  • PNC Bank

    “We have easily seen 5-10% ROI just on enforcing our billing guidelines, creating the automated rules, having the bills audited as they come in, and pointing things out to the attorneys who then can take advantage of that. Now, they can just go in and click a button, make the change, and the firm gets paid.” - Don Knight, Legal Technology Program Manager
  • Large insurance company

    "TyMetrix 360° is another source of data. We love data. It's one of the things that insurance companies love to be able to get their hands on. The more data the better, so it's a source, for us, to compile data and to start to be able to use it in a meaningful format." - Regional Head of Claims Litigation
  • Applied Materials

    “This is how a team of two people can use a wonderful platform like TyMetrix 360° to rely on its ability to drive efficiencies for us that we, frankly, depend on” - Scott Fuller, Director of Legal Operations
  • Dell

    “I believe that the Dell legal department receives the most benefit from TyMetrix 360° within being able to support legal's needs in saying, hey we're worth the value because we saved you this much money. Look how much we claimed on the VAT taxes because we can now track it and report it out. So, I think that the ability's not only have the data in the system but to be able to retrieve that and put it into a format that is understandable and valuable that decisions are made upon, that data that we're providing to our general counsel and other leaders of the company.” - Michelle Gallagher, Senior Advisor Legal Operations
  • Lenovo Motorola

    “We use the data out of TyMetrix 360° for almost every decision we make. Whether we’re looking at internal resources, sourcing things differently, how we resource things, what our cost is, how we bid out to firms. That data is so valuable to us.”

See what TyMetrix 360° can do for you



More ways to extend the value of TyMetrix 360°

We recognize that your business needs will change over time. That's why we've developed a library of TyMetrix 360° application modules that complement the core capabilities of your system and give you the flexibility to further tailor your solution to align with your organization's strategic objectives. 

Service and support to help you every step of the way

  • Unlimited access to global phone and online support during standard call center hours.
  • 24x7 support for your law firms, plus full-service onboarding for firms.
  • Account manager assigned to support your business, plus a client success manager provided on initial go-live for 90 days.
  • Fast implementation – get up and running in as little as 45 days.
  • Access to new releases and upgrades in real time, without installing new software.
  • Software, hosting, implementation, training, and related services included in one flat monthly price.
  • SaaS-based solution means hosting, maintenance, and security are managed by ELM Solutions, eliminating reliance on your internal IT resources.
  • Collaborate and network with peers at our annual user conference, quarterly user group meetings, and peer-to-peer customer forums.

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Call sales at +1 800 780 3681

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In fact, 130+ clients are Fortune/Fortune Global 500 companies. And, 100% of Am Law 200 firms are ELM Solutions customers.