Our company recognizes that client business needs will change over time. That’s why we’ve developed solutions that allow each client to easily tailor its TyMetrix® 360° application to align with its organization’s strategic objectives. A collection of application modules can be selected to complement and enhance your TyMetrix 360° e-Billing Legal Matter Management solution.

Each application module comes with core functionality that can be implemented with little or no configuration, or has the flexibility to be customized to meet a client’s unique needs. Want to streamline daily management of key matters and cases right from your inbox? Seeking ways to more effectively utilize alternative fee arrangements (AFAs)? Need to optimize outside counsel selection? Whether addressing these types of challenges right now or sometime in the future, the TyMetrix 360° library of application modules provide each client with the ability to adapt its solution to support evolving business needs and processes.

TyMetrix 360° Application Modules