Passport for Staff Counsel aligns litigation management and analytics to enable staff counsel to effectively and efficiently manage their cases while maintaining the tripartite relationship with claims professionals and clients. By pairing attorney-focused capabilities with user-centric functionality, Passport helps staff attorneys efficiently manage cases, communicate with claims professionals, and track their time. It is designed to help attorneys work faster and smarter while giving them all the data they need, when and where they need it. Passport allows the staff counsel organization to consistently demonstrate their value to the carrier through reporting and analytics. It makes an “apples to apples” comparison between performance, cost, and outcome between staff and outside counsel possible.

Passport Claims Defense provides:

Efficient case management – Functionality, processes, data, and mobility support efficient day-to-day case management and collaboration with claims, supported by:

Intelligence in action – Data, reports, and dashboards reveal performance, demonstrate value to claims, and uncover opportunities for improvement, supported by:

  • Reporting and analytics
  • Dashboards


Drive efficiency and effectiveness of staff.

  • A single, secure place to track and organize all details – people, events, documents, tasks, narratives, negotiations, financials, outcome, etc. – throughout the life cycle of a case

  • The Outlook® Module offers the convenience and efficiency of day-to-day case management directly from the Outlook interface

  • The Passport eDocketing Module efficiently and automatically generates calendar events, mitigating risk of human error and missing court dates

  • Powerful search capabilities ensure staff members are quickly able to locate case details

  • Calendaring features enable attorneys and support staff to efficiently manage schedules to ensure coverage at critical case events

Gain visibility across staff counsel operations and improve decision support.

  • Reporting and business intelligence capabilities improve executive visibility into operations, cost, risk, and exposure across all staff counsel offices

  • Role-based dashboards deliver relevant case information and metrics to each user, which streamlines access to critical information and empowers better decision making

  • Analytics tools support trend analysis to identify potential areas for cost savings or efficiency improvements

Enforce processes and reinforce best practices among staff counsel.

  • Wizards and workflows automatically assign tasks and generate reminders and notifications, as well as efficiently guide staff through common tasks like case setup

  • Rules and workflow-driven automation tools help to ensure consistency and compliance with business processes from office to office

Control claims defense costs and achieve better claims outcomes.

  • The solution’s superior ease-of-use and wide range of automation tools, such as conflict checking and document assembly, drive efficient case management practices to help reduce the cost per case
  • Business intelligence tools offer insights to help optimize staff counsel resource usage, find new cost savings opportunities, and identify the most effective case strategies for earlier and more accurate case resolutions

  • Time tracking features enable the evaluation of the cost and effort of cases
  • LegalVIEW® analytics offerings, which are powered by the world’s largest repository of legal performance data, further enhance a carrier’s ability to understand litigation expense drivers and more effectively staff cases and develop case budgets

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