LegalVIEW® is the world’s largest source of legal performance data, including more than $130B worth of legal spend. LegalVIEW powers benchmarking intelligence, predictive and analytical models, and management insights embedded in Wolters Kluwer's ELM Solutions’ legal analytics portfolio, including:

The data in LegalVIEW is from actual legal invoices, not surveys, which provide the most accurate, reliable, and granular data for analysis and insights.

  • Corporate legal and insurance claims departments use LegalVIEW data and insights to enhance visibility into legal spend and matter costs, better evaluate the value of outside counsel, benchmark performance, improve decision-making when sourcing legal services, and more effectively negotiate rates.
  • Law firms use LegalVIEW benchmarking and insights to optimize matter staffing allocations, create more accurate budgets, build more competitive and profitable fee arrangements, and understand market competition.

LegalVIEW Quick Facts

Over $130B in anonymous data from actual billed legal invoices, not surveys.

The data in LegalVIEW grows daily and is sourced from corporations’ and law firms’ e-billing and time management solutions, as well as third-party sources:

  • 35K+ law firms and vendors
  • 594K+ individual billers and timekeepers
  • 5.5M+ matters
  • 310M+ line items

Improve business performance and profitability with big data and legal analytics

  • The rich data in LegalVIEW® provides clients with the insight needed to make better-informed decisions on sourcing, evaluating, and measuring the value of legal services.

  • LegalVIEW-powered industry benchmarks deliver visibility into matter-based fees, durations, staffing allocations, and hourly rates, which enables clients to improve the certainty and the predictability of legal spend across entire matter and case portfolios.

  • The granular data and segmentation available in LegalVIEW provides detailed insights to inform counsel management strategies, staffing allocations, and resource requirements.

Benchmark internal and external performance to enable strategic decision-making

  • LegalVIEW Dashboards provide at-a-glance views of key performance indicators (KPIs) related to legal spend and operations management and enable clients to easily track and analyze performance against business goals and objectives.

  • LegalVIEW industry benchmarks related to matter, cost, duration, and staffing allocations deliver clients the insight needed to create more accurate budgets and improve predictability of legal spend.

  • LegalVIEW peer-based profiles compare outside counsel firm performance to industry-specific benchmarks to improve counsel and panel selection decisions.

  • LegalVIEW Benchmarking intelligence allows legal professionals to analyze matter-based fees, durations, staffing allocations, and hourly rates so that corporate legal and claims departments, as well as law firms, can more effectively negotiate rates, develop staffing strategies and budgets, and optimize resources.

  • The Real Rate Report®, the legal industry’s leading benchmark report for rates, trends, and practices, delivers powerful information and insights for corporate legal and claims departments, as well as law firms, to price, plan, and manage legal services with confidence.

Rely on our unparalleled legal analytics data quality and expertise

  • The size, depth, and breadth of LegalVIEW data allows for the deepest and most granular data segmentation possible – including exceptional detail and accuracy at matter phase and task level (UTBMS) codes – which enables statistically valid insights relative to a client’s peers.
  • LegalVIEW data is normalized, anonymized, and certified by a third party as de-identified, which ensures the highest data quality, confidentiality, and privacy for our clients.
  • Experienced on-staff data scientists focus on highly evolved data management methodologies and statistically valid practices to ensure data quality and accuracy.

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