The LegalVIEW Data Contributor Program is a growing community of contributors from corporate legal and insurance claims departments who wish to contribute anonymous billing and matter data to LegalVIEW. LegalVIEW is the world's largest source of legal performance benchmark data with more than $130B worth of invoice data. The data in LegalVIEW is sourced from corporations’ legal spend and matter management systems, as well as third parties. Companies do not have to be users of ELM Solutions software in order to participate. There is no cost to contribute data and, in return, data contributors receive:

  • Complimentary copies of Real Rate Reports as long as they stay contributors (approximately an $800 value).
  • Discounts on LegalVIEW Dashboards - data virtualization tool that offers at-a-glance views of over 60 key performance indicators for legal and claims departments.
  • Discount on custom analytics.

To date, LegalVIEW Data Contributor Program participants have anonymously contributed over $130B of invoice data. All of the data is and remains anonymous. Prior to loading data, all timekeeper, matter, law firm, and company names are scrubbed to ensure anonymity. This process has been reviewed and certified by a third-party industry expert to validate that no sensitive information can be tied back to its original source.


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LegalVIEW Quick Facts

Over $130B in anonymous data from actual billed legal invoices, not surveys.

The data in LegalVIEW grows daily and is sourced from corporations’ and law firms’ e-billing and time management solutions, as well as third-party sources:

  • 35K+ law firms and vendors
  • 594K+ individual billers and timekeepers
  • 5.5M+ matters
  • 310M+ line items