The Passport® Legal Service Request application is a user-friendly solution that helps corporate legal departments easily manage and monitor legal services requests from across the organization. The solution automates central intake and storage of all requests and documentation and provides a robust tool to process, address, and help resolve each request in a timely manner. This nimble application provides a simple way for employees and attorneys to create and submit legal services requests and stay informed as these requests are handled. 

Built on the award-winning Passport platform, the solution provides key insights against KPIs leveraging Passport’s dashboards, reporting, and superior analytics capabilities. Passport’s new user interface ensures superior usability and an intuitive experience for employees and staff involved in managing legal services requests. 

Passport Legal Service Request

Simplify submission and intake of legal services requests.

  • Enables employees and attorneys from across the business to easily create requests via a web link
  • Allows requesters to submit requests by filling out a simple web form and attaching related documents
  • Enables requesters to view status, updates, and stay informed as requests are handled and resolved 

Increase efficiency and cost effectiveness in managing requests.

  • Automates and centralizes intake, storage, and management of requests and related documentation 
  •  Creates efficiencies and expedites the process of assigning requests to appropriate legal staff 
  • Automated workflow and notifications allow attorneys to respond to requests more efficiently and manage their workloads more effectively
  • Integrates seamlessly with Passport’s Legal Matter Management and Legal Spend Management allowing attorneys to easily create legal matters from existing requests and track related legal spend
  • Provides visibility into key metrics to help better control legal costs and assess productivity 

Ensure visibility into requests received from across the business

  • Facilitates transparency into all legal services requests and work queues to improve management of requests by the legal team
  • Provides practice area leaders with a clear view into their departments’ requests to help better manage legal resources
  • Generates key insights and reports to help legal staff analyze trends, plan budgets, and assess productivity leveraging Passport’s robust business intelligence capabilities 

Enhance collaboration and improve communication. 

  • Centralizes storage of requests and documentation enabling legal staff to easily share information 
  • Automated workflow and notifications streamline response to requests and allow attorneys to communicate better with stakeholders 
  • Seamless integration with Passport legal matter and spend management applications enables legal staff to better collaborate when requests are escalated to legal matters