Passport® includes a robust set of core components. These components deliver the critical infrastructure and functionality that are common across legal and claims systems. Passport core components include business process management (BPM) tools, such as workflow and rules engines, along with document management, security, search, and more. These components provide a solid foundation for any application or module, such as:

  • The Passport legal and insurance claims defense applications and modules
  • Custom applications or modules that are built on Passport by ELM Solutions clients
  • Passport applications or modules that are developed by ELM Solutions partners

All applications and modules built on Passport share the core platform components, which ensures that applications work together seamlessly. This means that reporting across all data is straightforward, and application administration and support are efficient. These factors help to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an organization's technology portfolio.

Platform Components

  • Workflow engine
  • Rules engine
  • Database
  • Search engine
  • Document management
  • Document assembly
  • Security framework
  • Web services interface
  • Chart generator
  • Notifications
  • Calendar
  • Scheduler
  • Help
  • Audit and logging
  • Mobility