SmartLAUNCH Implementation Services

Our goal at ELM Solutions is to get new clients up and running on our software as quickly as possible. We’ve developed an innovate approach to implementation that breaks the process down into smaller chunks of time, creating an iterative process to roll out Passport® or TyMetrix® 360°. This allows our clients to learn our products and work with them while providing requirements and priorities during each iteration of the implementation.

What makes SmartLAUNCH different?

Fast – realize value from your technology investment quicker

  • E-billing out of the box – clients able to accept, review, and approve invoices
  • Billing guidelines out of the box – a basic set of first tier guidelines is included, based on our experience over hundreds of implementations
  • Rapid response – can make enhancements quickly in each sprint based on client feedback

Agile – features and customizations rolled out incrementally

  • Iterative process – implementation is broken down into smaller time periods, so features and configurations are rolled out quicker based on client prioritization and feedback
  • Evolutionary user requirements – as users work with the solution and begin to understand how its functionality intersects with their needs, we gather and implement user requirements as we move through the implementation timeline

Smart – we apply our industry expertise to every project

  • Best practices – best practices, developed with industry-leading clients, help clients quickly get up and running using common best practices and processes
  • Partnership – our implementation experts work side-by-side with you, sharing product knowledge, gathering feedback, and facilitating user adoption