Our proven, three-phase implementation process is designed to get law firms and other external service providers submitting e-invoices as quickly as possible. To ensure a positive e-billing onboarding experience, our dedicated Law Firm Operations team provides full-service support for each firm throughout the process.

The three key phases of the implementation process include:

Phase 1 - Initial contact and information gathering

The Law Firm Operations team sends all designated law firms and other external service providers a welcome kit containing basic information, instructions, and a link to complete an online user information form. After a firm completes the form, we review the data that has been collected to assess the firm's technical ability and begin assisting the firm with preliminary reconciliation of matter and timekeeper data with its client.

Phase 2 - Training, registration, and testing

We provide web-based training for each user, with additional training support as needed. The firm then completes its registration on our e-billing network and submits a test invoice, which our team reviews for compliance with industry standards and client-specific e-billing formats.

Phase 3 - Final reconciliation and go live

We assist with a final reconciliation of all matter and timekeeper data. Once the corporate client is live, each firm successfully creates and transmits a live invoice to the client without assistance from our Law Firm Operations personnel. When this is accomplished, the firms have successfully completed the implementation process and can rely on our Law Firm Operations team for ongoing assistance with any technical support issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.