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Our Managed Services expertise, advanced technologies, and proven best practices help you improve efficiency, control legal spend, and optimize your legal operations. Our Managed Services are tailored to your needs.

Legal Bill Review
(LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer)

Our award-winning LegalVIEW BillAnalyzer uses advanced technologies and human expertise to optimize your end-to-end legal bill review process. It combines artificial intelligence and legal experts to deliver cost savings, improve spend predictability, and drive sustained billing guideline compliance with your law firms.

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Intelligent Invoice Conversion

Our AI-empowered Intelligent Invoice Conversion service uses machine learning technology to pull data from “paper” invoices (PDF, XLS, etc.) and convert it into a LEDES file for submission through our e-billing systems – with human review along the way to ensure accuracy.

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Expertise to help you strategically manage your Passport® or TyMetrix® 360° applications.

Our suite of Application Management Services provides expertise and staffing for ongoing application management. We offer System Administration, Solution Operations, and Report Development services to help legal and claims departments efficiently manage and enhance their technology investment.

System Administration Services
System Administration
Efficiently manage the day-to-day administration of your application with expert know-how that enables your users to stay productive and your operations to run smoothly.

Key Benefits
Our team of application management experts handles the day-to-day administration and maintenance for your Passport or TyMetrix 360o solution so your users can stay productive.

Solutions Operation Services
Solutions Operations
Streamline support of legal business processes and efficiently manage solution operations with expertise that allows you to flexibly augment your staffing strategy with flexibility and ease.

Key Benefits
Proactively plan for and flexibly adapt to evolving business needs. Access talent and specialized expertise to maximize your in-house resources and reduce turnaround time for pressing legal projects.

Report Development Services
Report Development
Gain timely and meaningful insights to inform decisions with experts that quickly develop, run, and manage reporting requirements for your department.

Key Benefits
Experienced solution experts leverage your current business intelligence tools to develop and configure business reports to meet your needs. Spend less time creating reports and more time utilizing reports to make better business decisions.

The true business value of Application Management Services

ELM Solutions Expert Services enable legal departments to:

  • Optimize internal resources and increase agility in managing staffing gaps.
  • Leverage deep expertise and specialized knowledge to efficiently and reliably manage applications.
  • Drive optimal value from their ELM Solutions technology investments.
  • Optimize operations and reduce overall costs of application management.
  • Gain confidence in budget predictability with flexible, subscription-based pricing.

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