As legal costs for corporations continue to rise and the volume and complexity of the legal department’s workload increase, corporate counsel must identify new ways to improve departmental efficiency, control legal spend, and proactively manage legal risk. Some of the key challenges that corporate legal departments face include:

  • Mandates to better contain the high costs of litigation and other legal expenses
  • Keeping up with an increasingly complex regulatory environment to ensure corporate compliance
  • Fragmented and inefficient business processes (e.g., information saved locally in spreadsheets, manual and paper-based procedures, use of phone calls and email to gather information from outside counsel)
  • Reliance upon a highly complex portfolio of legal and enterprise systems, which is expensive to maintain, hard for staff to learn and use, and limits reporting across all data
  • Lack of visibility into legal risk, outside counsel spend and value, and legal operations
  • Rapid globalization of business, which requires legal departments to integrate processes and share information across an increasingly widespread legal team

ELM Solutions offerings for corporate legal departments help in-house counsel to address these and other challenges. Our suite of offerings – including our patented Enterprise Legal Management technology platform, our applications for legal matter and spend management, and our legal analytics and benchmarking intelligence tools – combine to deliver solutions that help corporate legal departments to:

  • Simplify how lawyers and legal staff work by automating business processes and streamlining access to the information that legal staff need
  • Easily and securely collaborate and share knowledge among internal team members and with outside counsel
  • Drive down legal costs, improve spend predictability, and make better sourcing decisions for legal work
  • Gain visibility into legal matters, costs, risks, and operations and benchmark themselves against peers to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Seamlessly and proactively monitor regulations to ensure compliance
  • Consolidate and simplify their technology portfolios to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of legal systems

Our industry-leading technology is just one component of a successful corporate legal solution. To ensure each client’s success, our offerings are backed by staff who bring deep legal industry expertise to each project. We also complement our software with world-class implementation, training, account management, and support services. Our uniquely holistic approach ensures that each client’s solution delivers maximum value in both the near and long term.


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