As the legal services marketplace continues to evolve, law firms are faced with corporate clients who are demanding ever-greater transparency and value from their firms. Adapting to this change means that law firms must continually evaluate their business to stay ahead of their competitors, win more business, and secure ongoing profitability. Some of the key challenges that law firms face include:

  • Understanding their market position relative to peer firms and making sense of disconnected data in order to more competitively respond to RFPs and develop matter budgets, staffing plans, and fee agreements
  • Providing clients with the desired transparency into how an engagement will be managed and staffed
  • Meeting increasing client demands for alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) while ensuring that these types of engagements provide clear value to the client and are profitable for the firm
  • Lack of visibility into the types of reporting and the metrics that corporate clients are utilizing to manage, measure, and analyze outside law firm performance
  • Keeping up with each client’s unique e-billing requirements and efficiently responding to client requests for matter budgets, timekeeper rates and information, and matter status updates

ELM Solutions offerings for law firms help to address these and other challenges. Our suite of offerings – including our legal analytics and benchmarking intelligence solutions, as well as our legal e-billing and collaboration tools –  support more effective legal practice management by helping law firms to:

  • Secure new business and negotiate fee arrangements armed with actionable data and a clear understanding of their firm’s competitive position with regard to billing norms, fees, rates, matter durations, and staffing models
  • Develop matter budgets, as well as staffing and project plans, that meet client expectations and avoid surprises, which allows firms to deliver the transparency and predictability that their clients desire
  • Approach AFAs more strategically in order to deliver competitive, sustainable, and profitable fee arrangements
  • Gain insight into the metrics that clients use to measure firm performance and quantify the firm’s value to clients relative to competitors
  • Easily support clients’ e-billing needs and efficiently and securely collaborate with clients on matter budgets, timekeeper information, accruals, and status updates

Our industry-leading technology is just one component of a successful law firm solution. To ensure each client’s success, our offerings are backed by staff who bring deep legal industry expertise to each project. We also complement our software with world-class implementation, training, account management, and support services. Our uniquely holistic approach ensures that each client’s solution delivers maximum value in both the near and long term.

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